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We all know that Apple products are well built pieces of equipment, but the fact of the matter is that the users are just like everyone else: THEY DROP THINGS!

If you have an Ipad, Itouch or Iphone that has a broken screen, we can fix it and fix it right. We use genuine Apple parts, not the cheapo replacement parts that you see advertized on Amazon or Ebay.

We don't have a Genius Bar to finance so we don't have to charge as much as Apple, so if you have one of the Apple mobile devices in need of repair, come see us or contact us for more details. Turn around is often 24 hours or less if we have the part in stock.

Of course, we repair all Apple products, replacing screens, hard drives, ram, CPU fans, optical drives and more.

It's not brain surgery. Just experience at work.

Buy phone, remote support or just say thanks!