JK Computer Services I, 3977 Governor Drive, San Diego, CA 92122, Phone, 858-638-7392, Fax, 858-638-7396

Support for Techs

We are conveniently located in University City. We know there are a lot of you mobile technicians that do not work out of a brick and mortar shop but do a great job servicing the local communities. We have much to offer you.

We carry power supplies, hard drives, ram, cables and adapters. No need to run all the way down to Fry's for parts for the most common items you need when doing mobile repairs. We will meet or beat their prices on these items and save you the trouble of having to fight the hordes. Also, if your repair is better done outside the home that you are servicing, you are welcome to come by our shop and borrow our compressor, tap our knowledge base or just hang out and swap stories.

Used Parts

We have worked on thousands of laptops over the years and have a great inventory of used LCD's, optical drives, batteries, hard drive caddies, keyboards, inverters, wireless cards and cosmetic pieces. These are perfect for replacing failed parts on a computer that is a bit older and does not justify the cost of a new LCD, battery or optical drive. We sell these items CHEAP and they all come with a warranty and look and work like new.

The cosmetic pieces we have in stock might be just the thing to get that older computer looking good again for $5 or $10 bucks. Come see what we have or CONTACT US for more info.

Buy phone, remote support or just say thanks!