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Tools We Like

All of these tools are provided for free from the neat people who have written them. Some offer a full version for a price. If they have worked for you, I suggest donating to them as a way of saying thank you to these people.

Choose to save these to your desktop and install from there.

Malware Bytes Any user. A very solid malware removal tool. Works well in safe mode. Leave on your system and run if from time to time.

Super Antispyware Any user. Much like Malwarebytes, removes nasty's. Not to be run in safe mode. Designed to be left on the system, although for us, it is a bit too intrusive to leave on it. Works great though to clean things up.

Combo Fix Advanced tool. Run in safe mode. Uninstall after use by typing "combofix.exe /u" in the run box, without the quotes.

Smitfraud Fix Advanced tool. We mostly use option 2 which needs to be run in safe mode. Uninstalls itself.

HiJack This Advanced tool. A great little diagnostic and file remover utility. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DELETING!

AutoRuns Any user. This is a neat tool for analysing your start ups and other autorunning processes. For those that know how to use it, it is invaluable. Thank you Sysinternals.

Spybot Search and Destroy and Updates Any user. Instll the program first, then the updates. There are likely even more updates out there. Get them if you can. Do not use the Explorer helper. Uninstall after use.

Ewido Any user. Old version. Uninstall after use. Does not update anymore, but we like it anyway.

CCleaner Any user. Nice system cleanup utility. Leave in your system and run from time to time.

LSP Fix Advanced users only. Cleans up problems with your Layered Service Providers, usually indicated by inablility to get online.

Winsock Fix Advanced tool. Helps repair TCP/IP stack after some malware infections.

File Deleter Advanced users. Deletes stubborn files that will not delete. Usually these are .dll files and some others that malware software uses to do it's dirty deeds. Malware Bytes has a tool for this also.

Process Explorer Any user. A nice little tool for assessing your processes and the resources that are consumed by them.

Vundo Fix Adavanced users. Removes Vundo infection.



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