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Computer Diagnostics

Trust your laptop or desktop computer to JK Computer Services for a speedy and thorough diagnosis. Although computers never cease to amaze us, with over 30 years of experience our technicians have run into just about every problem that can be encountered.

We diagnose simple to complex hardware issues resulting in the repair or replacement of everything from power supplies to motherboards.

Diagnosing and repairing software conflicts that result in slow system performance is one of the best ways to squeeze more speed from you computer. Throwing more ram at a system, while often helpful, is not always necessary. Computers can begin to bog down even with "legitimate" software that is often times very cumbersome when installed improperly.

Our inexpensive diagnostic service which looks at the condition of both your hardware and software is the best way to understand the current condition of your computer. From there we can decide together what is the best course of action be it repair, upgrade or, in some situations, replacement.

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