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Malware Tools Overview

Any information we provide you is knowledge that we have gleened over many years of experience and cleaning literally thousands of computers of malware.

All malware removal tools carry a certain element of risk with their usage, but the tools that we share with you here have been used by us, thousands of times, with little or no problem. Most of these tools are created by wonderful people who get as much or more pleasure out of stopping these "cyber-graffiti artists" as these malware producers do creating the software that infects today's computers. Most of these tools are provided free of charge with the hope that if they do you some good you might donate or purchase the full version. We would love it if you did so. Links to the sites where donations can be made are provided here, where appropriate.

We classify tools into "maintenance", "mild infection" and "severe infection" catagories. Most of the tools in the mild and severe categories work better when deployed in safe mode. How to get into safe mode is described HERE.

Maintenance tools are usually tools that you run manually, in conjunction with an antivirus that runs automatically, that generally remove cookies, prefetch files and temp files. Some registry issues are also resolved with the use of these tools. Deployed properly, safe surfing practices, a good automatic anti-virus program and these manually run tools will keep you in good shape.

Mild infection tools are usually installed and deployed only when the occassion warrants it. They are typically run in safe mode, and removed from the computer when no longer in use. A mildly infected computer is one that has some annoying popups, runs more slowly than it should and might have some false security warnings down at the lower right hand corner of the taskbar, near the time stamp. You also might be redirected to web sites that you have not requested.

Severe infections are generally those that make your computer unusable in normal mode and often times making it even difficult to enter into safe mode. Most of the tools used to repair these problems involve some pretty heavy duty registry and file fixes and often times the result of these instances of malware will leave your system different than it used to be. Just like when you get cut, even though you heal, a scar is left behind. Sometimes, the malware infection is so severe that the only acceptable remedy is to save data and perform a complete reload and restore.

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