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Severe Infections

Severe malware infestations are typically best left for the professional or an advanced user has had the sense to back up all of their important data.  Severe viruses usually leave scars behind, even when all instances of the infection have been removed.  Often times, the only sure way that these viruses and their effects are gone is to perform a complete system reload.  This is not such a problem as long as your data has been secured and you have copies of all of the software that needs reloading.

The people that write these Malware programs are usually smarter than the people who write the antivirus programs.  They often remove “permissions”, making it almost impossible to run programs that might be used to clean them up.  Good detective work, programs like Autoruns from Sysinternals, File Deleter, Smitfraud Fix, Combo Fix, Hijack This and some others not recommended for the novice user are the tools that are usually employed to rid your system of these nastys.

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