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What Is Spyware and Adware?

All unwanted software is Malware

To explain what spyware is, we'll first explain what adware is.

Adware is “freeware”, whereby ads are embedded in the program. These ads will show up when you open the program. Most adware authors provide the free version with ads and a registered version whereby the ads are disabled. As such, you the user have the choice, you either use the freeware with ads served or you purchase the registered version.

Spyware, however, is published as “freeware” or as “adware”, but the fact that an analysis and tracking program (which reports your activities to the advertising providers' web site for storage and analysis, the “spyware” agent) is also installed on your system when you install this so-called “freeware”, is usually not mentioned. Even though the name may indicate so, spyware is not an illegal type of software in any way (see our analogy). But what the adware and spyware providers do with the collected information and what they're going to “feed” you with is beyond your control.

Ransomeware, BEWARE!!!

We have coined the term "Ransomware" to describe a very prevalent form of malware that we have been seeing a lot of lately. It shows up on your screen, looks very authentic and performs a scan of your system. Unfortunately, these scans are not real and the things that they are finding are false positives, designed to scare you into clicking on the "Buy Full Version" button so that you will fork out the $49.99 or whatever to buy their product. Unfortunately, it does not work, or simply uninstalls itself giving you a sense of security that is not really there. Some of the ones that we know of are, XP Antivirus 2009, XP Antispyware, Personal Antivirus, XP 360 and many more. Read the text in these programs and there are usually so many gramatical errors that it is humorous.

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